case study: transport in cape town

Promoting sustainable transport, including the MyCiTi bus rapid transit service

With growing congestion, climate change and a failing rail service, South Africa’s transport sector faces complex overlapping challenges.

String’s work for the City of Cape Town, private developers and advocacy organisations in the transport sector spans sustainable travel, editing policy, technical and statutory reporting documents and producing lively and engaging communication products from technical content. String was a key partner in the MyCiTi bus service project from concept in 2008 to its launch in 2010 through the growth of services across the city.

Public transport is a core practice area for String and our team draws on academic training and years of experience.

year: 2008 – present

services: content including operational communication, behaviour change messaging and public transport advocacy aimed at a range of users and tourists, marketing material, maps, publications, advertorials, website and app content management, speeches, presentations, newsletters, curation, multi-media, video production, script writing.

MyCiTi Highlights

Cape Town’s Transport Directorate Highlights