case study: research and technical reporting

Expertise in shaping reports on policy, practice, public finance and development

Understanding of public policy and practice – and excellent research, writing and editing skills – have given String’s senior team members high levels of expertise in preparing technical reports, annual reports and policy documents.

Our experience in packaging material for more popular publications means the often complex subject matter in these reports comes alive and is made more accessible and understandable for a wider range of audiences.

year: 2000 – present

services: Research, writing commissioning content, editing, graphics, picture editing and commissioning photography, design and layout, and production and print management


Your guide to the National Development Plan
A popular guide to the NDP in plain language. 

Transport Reform and Spatial Integration Diagnostic and Scoping Report
For the Cities Support Programme of the National Treasury, funded by the World Bank 

The State of the Cities Report
Editing and commissioning content for this report on behalf of the South African Cities Network.

The State of the Nodes Report
Research and suite of publications on the impact of the presidential Urban Renewal Programme and Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Programme, for Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG now COGTA).

Feasibility study on the assignment of the operating licensing function
Researching the devolving of the operating licence function for buses and minibus taxis to the City of Cape Town.

Towards a collaborative strategy for growth, jobs and inclusion for the Cape Town region
Part of research team developing proposals for shared economic growth in the city-region with a focus on the three growth hubs of tourism/destination; innovation and sustainability.

Green Paper on Local and Provincial Government
For Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG).

Information Needs Analysis regarding pesticide residue-related data among SA stakeholders
For Department of Agriculture, South African Pesticide Initiative Programme.

From Functionality to Effectiveness: Deepening Democracy through South Africa’s Ward Committees

A market access handbook for emerging farmers in the horticulture sector
Written and published for the Pesticide Initiative Programme, Perishable Products Export Control Board, Department of Agriculture.

The best of Hologram 2001-2003: issues and practice in local government
Co-author and production management, for SALGA and DPLG funded by USAID.

Finance and Fiscal Commission annual submission to Parliament
Technical report in response to the Division of Revenue.

Induction material for municipal councillors
A series of booklets for SALGA on energy provision and frameworks.

Policy documents and reports for the City of Cape Town
Annual reports, annual State of the Environment Report, Comprehensive Integrated Transport Plan, Municipal Spatial Development Framework, and Urban Development Index, and others.