about string

A specialist media, design and publications agency with over 20 years’ experience

Established in 1997, String is a Cape Town-based strategic communications consultancy specialising in clear, engaging content and design for print and digital media.

String has produced a range of material, from coffee-table books, to magazines, posters, brochures, multi-media tookits and websites, portals, e-newsletters, digital publications, research reports and policy manuals, as well as developing brand identities and guidelines for clients. We also undertake complex technical editing, research and strategy development.

String is a level 4 BEE company and is 100% women owned. Started over 20 years ago, much of String’s work has been at the interface of government and citizens, with an emphasis on democracy and development, but has broadened to encompass work for academic institutions, civil society organisations, international funding agencies and the private sector.

our clients

“String delivers quality product, takes instruction and delivers against very strict timelines. They communicate abstract and intangible concepts with professionalism and speed. I am impressed with their research and understanding of a brief.”

Ester Moag, head of public transport marketing, City of Cape Town

“String were appointed to draft the text, conduct research and interviews, and to design and produce the book. Much of the credit goes to Katharine McKenzie and Sarah Hetherington, String’s co-directors. My thanks and admiration to them and their team for their creativity, insight, understanding and patience.”

Kasper Hahndiek, former Secretary to the National Assembly and project convenor

“We are very pleased with the results and the report and confirm our fullest satisfaction. We would recommend your services to anyone who requires a needs analysis and who is keen on prompt delivery. We appreciate your friendly and co-operative interaction.”

Sandra Keller, programme manager: SA PIP